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November 2014

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DungeonUp is a dungeon crawler with mini-puzzles and procedurally generated levels. You play a human knight who fights the way out of deep dungeon, by killing monsters and solving the map-based puzzles. Most levels are randomly generated and you will never be bored of making choices again. This is a must have for roguelike fans.


I chose this project because Tower of the Sorcerer is one of my favorites game since childhood, and I have already remade it in BASIC when I was 16 and in C when I was 19! This time I wanted to bring it much further, not just some remake. Another reason, to be honest, is I want to make my living on it. We wish the money could support us to finish River of Time and its sequence, in which we have really high hope.


  • 50+ levels in 5 zones with different monsters and theme.
  • 10+ levels with secrets and plots.
  • 40+ monsters, and some are with special abifeatureties.
  • In each zone there's a boss battle, requires you to fight with wisdom.
  • 40+ unique items, and some are designed with puzzles.
  • Oryx's 16-bit Fantasy Sprite Set.
  • 3 difficulty levels, designed for both casual and hardcore players.
  • Maze Mode for your coffee break.
  • 20+ maps made by other players and growing!


Gameplay Video YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (3MB)


Selected Articles

  • "ultimately a good adventure game to pass a little time with."
    - Nadia Oxford, PocketGamer.co.uk
  • "a solid dungeon crawler that will make you want to go back for more."
    - Dora Breckinridge, JayIsGames.com
  • "its greatest challenges are not only staying alive but learning how to manage resources to open doors, bomb deadly enemies, dig to the exit, and more."
    - John Polson, IndieGames.com

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About Clewcat Games

A husband-and-wife game studio living in Beijing, China. Nicolas The Coder loves music, football, cycling, and everything about video games. Vivian The Painter loves literature, history, cooking, planting, flowers...almost everything! And of course we both LOVE cats!

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DungeonUp Credits

The one who created "Tower of the Sorcerer" which heavily inspired DungeonUp.

Nicolas Tian
Design, Code, Audio

Vivian Huo

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks